7-in-1 Body Building System


Get the fast, easy way to stronger, more powerful muscle with the 7-in-1 Body Building System! This home gym, brought you to by one of the most trusted names in fitness, gives you the tools you need for a complete, total-body turnaround! You'll get the body you want, fast!


Top Features

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This versatile Door Gym connects to the top of your door jamb in seconds, allowing you to perform muscle-blasting pull-ups and chin-ups. Or, simply place it on the floor for dips and ab-sculpting sit-ups.

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Work the muscles of your upper body. The ShockWave Dumbbell is designed with dynamically shifting weight to add variety to your strength-training workout.

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Now you can build explosive arms and a chiseled back and chest with these Rotating Push-Up Stands, which offer adjustable resistance for customized training.

Get ripped abs and a strong, powerful core with these durable straps that are machine washable and slip easily on and off the Door Gym.

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Follow along as this workout DVD gives you an incredible muscle-building, body-toning workout. You'll maximize your workout time with this instructional DVD and get amazing results fast!

Get total-body results with this exercise chart. The Gold's Gym 7-in-1 delivers incredible results and with this exercise chart, you'll get the body you want fast!

Designed to be simple and easy to follow, this plan will FUEL YOUR BODY.


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