Completely replaces a heavy gym set

By ChristoB1972 (Salt Lake City, UT) on (Dec 2, 2011)


Comments: I love it! The house I live in has a fairly-low basement but is still more than adequate for pullups in. My bedroom doorway is perfect for the door gym. Hasn't left a mark or dent yet. The ab straps included were perfect for things other than just the abs. I haven't tried dips or situps with it yet.

Multi-Training Door Gym

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Get an intense, strength workout with the Gold's Gym Multi-Training Door Gym. Not only will you work your upper body with pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and triceps dips, you can use the Multi-Training Door Gym for sit-ups so you target your core. It easily attaches to most standard doors without any mounting brackets so you can quickly set up, workout and then take it down.

Please see the linked Prop 65 Warning for this product.