i love it

By fonze1969 (oswego ny 13126) on (Jun 16, 2014)


Comments: i use it as a home therapy work out i have to torn bicep's several rips and tears in my shoulders and a repaired shoulder this is a great exercise regiment for me it has straighten my shoulders a great deal for the short time of me using it it has a great feel of resistance and i would recamend it to every one but it needs to have one improvement the bands should be able to last a lot longer but i see its only good for about 4 months of working out the black bands loose it quick and the yellow a few weeks after i wish it was cheaper to replace parts at this rate as i am unemployed and have no income at this point and is really important to me to get my straightness back so i can get back to working

Gold's Gym® Door Gym

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Get a total-body workout in minutes! The Gold's Gym® Door Gym attaches to most standard doors and includes multiple resistance tubes, hand and ankle straps so you can add definition to your arms, shoulders, abs and legs. The included exercise chart outlines step-by-step instructions so you maximize your results!