By Just Plain Surprised (Lincoln, NE) on (Aug 3, 2013)


Comments: Overall, the product works like a charm. However, you do not get a power pack cord with it so you have to buy D cell batteries if you want to use the console. They give you a phone number to call to order one. If they really want to provide the best for the consumer they could consider providing one with the equipment. It would only make sense to provide what a person would need to be able use it effectively and efficiently. Such a small thing could make such a big difference.

Gold's Gym® Cycle Trainer 390 R Exercise Bike

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Lose weight in comfort with the Gold's Gym® Cycle Trainer 390 R Exercise Bike. With a chair-like seat, you'll get added support so you can work out longer and reach your goals! And, 16 Workout Apps make it easy to start your training–the resistance and time length of each workout are pre-determined so all you have to worry about is pressing start! Plus, a built-in weight-loss program will help you lose weight in only 8 weeks! With the Cycle Trainer 390 R Exercise Bike, you'll enjoy incredible comfort and maximum results.