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By Tdawg (Sacramento, CA) on (Jan 21, 2013)


Comments: Well, bang for the bucks, this machine seem to work fine. I bought it today because I need to lose some weight and don't have a lot of money to spend on gym membership. Also my roomies can use it too, they need to lose some weight too. So far the machine works fine. I didn't a bit of research and it seems many people like this machine. I am sure I will have lots of fun losing weight on this treadmill, assuming it will last a year. Oh, and essembling it was easy, you just gotta read the instructions, I put it together in 2 hours.

Gold's Gym® Trainer 410 Treadmill

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Introducing the Gold's Gym® Trainer 410 Treadmill–it's packed with features to help you lose weight fast! Choose from 8 Workout Apps designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and focus on performance and calorie-burn goals. And, add upper-body toning to your cardio workout with the included hand weight set. Built-in lift indicators flash an alert when it's time to use the weights so you get maximum results! Plus, an 18" x 50" treadbelt runs smoother and quieter than the average treadbelt so you enjoy a more comfortable workout. With all of these incredible features, you'll get weight-loss results fast on the Trainer 410 Treadmill.

Gold's Gym StrideTrainer 380 Elliptical

You'll maximize your workout time with all the added features on this rear drive elliptical. And, because it's from Gold's Gym, you know it has everything you need to get a gym-quality workout at home.

Gold's Gym Cycle Trainer 300 C Bike

Burn maximum calories with the Gold's Gym® Cycle Trainer 300 C Exercise Bike! With 14 workout apps built-in, this bike delivers results!

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