Sorry there is no spotting feature/ either separate or attached.

By Homesteader (Martinsville, VA) on (Jan 8, 2013)


Comments: Sturdy bench and excellent professional appearance. Bought weight bench for my 14-year-old grandson. Realized that would be safer if bench I got had a spotting feature with it for weight control. It's kind of awkward to lie on it and be in a perfectly flat, horizontal position to do a bench press. It seems rather a short bench, especially designed for someone who is not too tall. When I talked with the representative about buying a separate spotter stand, she told me the company did not make one. Also, I failed to find a manual of exercises for this machine that would be helpful to my grandson who's never used an exercise bench before. Now, I've got the idea that this is an exercise stretching bench and not a weight-lifting bench at all.

Gold's Gym® XR 5.9

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The Gold's Gym XR 5.9 Bench helps you get chiseled abs and a powerful core. You can easily target your upper body or lower body for faster, more defined results. Simply adjust the bench to incline, decline or flat for specific exercises.