Best jump rope I've owned!!

By sz (Gilroy, CA) on (Mar 26, 2014)


Comments: I use this jump rope about 4-5 times a week for my workouts; 35 minutes a workout. This is the only rope I have found that does not end up wearing at the handles. I was able to use my first gold's rope for over 12 months until it wore so thin in the middle from hitting the ground. I am on my second gold's rope (this model) now. I love this rope and am going to purchase a couple more so I have them as back-ups!!

Gold's Gym® 3-in-1 Jump Rope

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Enhance your cardio workout with this effective, speed jump rope with adjustable weight and length. It will help increase your agility, coordination, timing and endurance. Adjust the weight in each handle with the included weights and customize the rope length to fit your individual workout needs.