By Ted (Scripps Ranch, CA) on (Mar 19, 2012)


Comments: You just can't have this much quality anymore - for $49. This equipment is solid, well engineered and practical. Mine came out of the box perfect and easy to assemble, but with a small cut in the seat cushion. Customer service sent a new seat within days. Wonderful value, fine equipment - great customer service!

Gold's Gym® XR 5.9

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The Gold's Gym XR 5.9 Bench helps you get chiseled abs and a powerful core. You can easily target your upper body or lower body for faster, more defined results. Simply adjust the bench to incline, decline or flat for specific exercises.

Gold's Gym StrideTrainer 380 Elliptical

You'll maximize your workout time with all the added features on this rear drive elliptical. And, because it's from Gold's Gym, you know it has everything you need to get a gym-quality workout at home.

Gold's Gym Cycle Trainer 300 C Bike

Burn maximum calories with the Gold's Gym® Cycle Trainer 300 C Exercise Bike! With 14 workout apps built-in, this bike delivers results!

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