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By Cavewoman (McMinnville, OR) on (Nov 15, 2011)


Comments: I actually bought this elliptical at a Walmart store for $387.00, (regular price), but I was not able to write a review on their website for some technical reason? The box it comes in is very heavy and you will need 2 people and some patience to assemble this elliptical, don't skip reading the directions. There was so much packaging that came from the box I was amazed by it. Nice to know because nothing was damaged, very happy about that! It took about 2 hours for my handy husband and I to assemble it. Once assembled, it looks like a gym quality elliptical and rides like one too. The manual pedal adjuster is a nice feature under the pedals, you have to lift up the pedal to turn the knob, it has a spring built in under the pedal that keeps the pedal down tightly in place, (the pedals do not have a locking mechanism). The pedal is big and has grooves but it is not cushioned, it does feel good with shoes on and my feet didn't fall asleep so that's really good. The one I got from Walmart has the IFit feature built in to the console and a Julian Michaels Ifit card that came inside the box! The 18" stride feels really good and the arm swing is good too. The heart rate grips work well. The fan has a high/low setting that feels good on high. The cup holder fits my big water bottle nicely and I like the mp3 plug option on the console. The digital display part of the console is very small but not that bad to read it show calories, distance, time and heart rate. There is no put your weight in option but oh well. My only gripe is that the elliptical DOES NOT COME WITH AN AC PLUG IN!!! It should state that on the box and it should have one included considering the price and amount of time and do it yourself labor that's involved putting this thing together. It does however have the option to plug one in, in the back of the console. It requires a 6 volt Ac adaptor. You can also call this 1-800-999-3756 number, (that is on a flyer with the elliptical manual), to order one, not happy about that!! BUT I found, (for $20.00), that

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