Just Got It Today

By Tdawg (Sacramento, CA) on (Jan 21, 2013)


Comments: Well, bang for the bucks, this machine seem to work fine. I bought it today because I need to lose some weight and don't have a lot of money to spend on gym membership. Also my roomies can use it too, they need to lose some weight too. So far the machine works fine. I didn't a bit of research and it seems many people like this machine. I am sure I will have lots of fun losing weight on this treadmill, assuming it will last a year. Oh, and essembling it was easy, you just gotta read the instructions, I put it together in 2 hours.

Gold's Gym® Trainer 410 Treadmill

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Introducing the Gold's Gym® Trainer 410 Treadmill–it's packed with features to help you lose weight fast! Choose from 8 Workout Apps designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and focus on performance and calorie-burn goals. And, add upper-body toning to your cardio workout with the included hand weight set. Built-in lift indicators flash an alert when it's time to use the weights so you get maximum results! Plus, an 18" x 50" treadbelt runs smoother and quieter than the average treadbelt so you enjoy a more comfortable workout. With all of these incredible features, you'll get weight-loss results fast on the Trainer 410 Treadmill.